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What does 20 30 mmHg in compression socks mean?

20 to 30 mmHg compression socks are the first grade for medical use. These graduated stockings exert a pressure on the legs varying between 20 and 30 millimeters of mercury. The following medical grade after the 20 30 mmHg is the 30 40 mmHg compression socks.

Can I wear 20 to 30 mmHg compression socks?

Generally, men's or women's 20/30 compression socks in thigh-high or knee high can be used for mild to moderate varicose veins, edema, or CVI. Therefore, if you meet any of these criteria, you can theoretically wear them.

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How To Choose Compression Socks

  • 1. Choose Gender

  • 2. Pick the right length

  • 3. Choose compression grading

  • 4. Measure your sizing

Depending on the venous insufficiency location, choose between knee-high, thigh-high, or pantyhose compression socks

The choice here will depend on the intented use. Available compression socks grades are: 15 20 mmHg, 20 30 mmHg, 30 40 mmHg

Follow your compressions socks size chart. To know how to measure for compression stockings, Click on the image to watch our tutorial

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Doctor Brace is a North American brand. We provide premium compression socks and braces to worldwide active Women and Men

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What Customers Say:

  • My doctor advised to wear a 30 40 mmhg compression stockings and picked this one that Im buying for the fourth time I feel good with it and I like the half sheer style

  • The compressive fabric is smooth and helped to enhance my venous condition. I can feel the effect, my leg swelling went better.

  • this brand of compression stockings is made to measure. Sizes are well made and my size fits me well. I highly recommend it.

  • A++ very satisfied with DB socks

  • Great product and outstanding comfort for a 30 40 mmhg socks

  • Very satisfied with results and would recommend doctor brace compression socks

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