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The FAQ page answers most Frequently Asked Questions about Doctor Brace compression socks, our Website, online transaction details, compression socks in general, and other related subjects.

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Questions About Doctor Brace Compression Socks

Why Doctor Brace compression stockings?

Doctor Brace's compression stockings and braces are made with premium materials and modern design to fit active women and men.

We have the background and the experience...enough to understand the specific needs of each user.

What do Doctor Brace's compression stockings look like? What are product features?

Watch this video to see what Doctor Brace's compression stockings look like and explore their features.

It also provides some tips on many aspects of how to use compression stocking.

Popular Questions Before Buying Compression Socks

When to choose your compression stockings?

Once you know what degree of compression and length to wear, you can buy your compression stockings.

What size of compression socks do I need?

To pick the right size for your compression socks, you must take measurements by following the manufacturer's instructions, as stipulated in the compression stocking size chart.

Please note: each brand of compression stockings has its own measurement chart.

For example, Doctor Brace compression socks sizes are different from other recognized brands.

Can compression socks be too tight? How tight should they be?

They should be neither too tight nor too loose.

Before choosing your compression stocking, it is essential to measure your size correctly by following the manufacturer's sizing chart.

What is a compression grade or level? What level of compression socks do I need?

Compression stockings grading refers to the pressure strength the fabric would apply to your ankle, calf, or thigh.

There are three most popular grades of compression stockings: 15 20 mmHg, 20 30 mmHg, or 30 40 mmHg.

How to wash compression socks? How to care?

Taking care of compression stockings can help extend their useful life.

To care for your compression socks, wear them with donning gloves or a donner for compression socks to prevent tears. For more details, you can also read our Care Instructions page.

To wash compression socks, follow these steps:

1) Wash them by hand with mild soap. Do not use a washing machine.

2) Dry flat. Do not use a dryer.

For more help, we prepared a detailed tutorial showing how to wash compression socks.

How to put compression socks on?

To better put on your compression socks, use donning gloves. In addition, these gloves help spread the graduated compression on the legs and prevent damage to the fabric.

See our tutorial on how to put on and take off compression stockings.

Another option would be to use a compression stocking donner, especially if you have arthritis or lack strength in your hands or arms.

Compression socks donning device is particularly appreciated by the elderly when they have to wear their compression socks.

How to buy compression socks?

To get compression stockings, you can make an appointment by phone or in-person to speak with a specialist and choose the best product.

Another option is to buy your compression socks online at doctorbrace.com

How much do compression socks cost?

The price may vary between one compression stocking and another.

Several factors can determine the cost of compression socks: the brand, the quality of the fabric, the length, the level of compression, etc.

Does insurance cover compression socks? Does medicare cover compression stockings?

It depends on the insurance policy and its coverage.

For insurers who offer coverage for orthopedic products, only medical-grade compression stockings are reimbursed by the health insurance plans.

For more information about Medicare coverage, ask your health professional.

What type of payments can I use to buy on doctorbrace.com?

To buy online your compression socks, you can use any of the most recognized credit cards. Other payment methods are also available at checkout.

General Questions About Compression Socks

What are compression socks?

Compression socks are medical hosiery used to treat venous insufficiency-related symptoms and diseases such as ankle swelling, aching legs, spider veins, or varicose veins.

They are also used alone or with other treatments to help relieve Phlebitis or DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis).

What does measured compression stocking mean?

These medical compression socks are ready-to-wear but made with a detailed sizing chart to provide an adjusted fit.

Well-fitted graduated compression stockings are far more effective in chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) treatment.

Not all medical compression stockings in the market today are measured.

What do custom compression socks mean?

Custom compression socks are made-to-measure hosiery.

They are specially designed for women or men with sizing that does not match the pre-measured size chart.

For example, people with wide calves need compression socks for plus size. These are, in most cases, made as a custom fit hosiery.

What is mmHg meaning?

mmHg stands for millimeters of mercury. It is a measurement used to determine blood pressure.

The mmHg in compression stocking indicates the level of pressure they provide to improve blood circulation.

What are graduated compression stockings?

In knee-high, thigh-high, or pantyhose, graduated compression stockings fabric exert a decreasing compression on the legs.

When wearing a graduated compression stocking, the user feels maximum pressure at the ankle level. However, this pressure becomes lighter on the upper leg.

It is essential to mention that not all brands of compression socks offer a graduated compression therapy.

Only the best compression socks are made with graduated compressive fabric.

How do compression socks work?

Graduated compression stockings of recognized brands are made with a particular fabric that exerts pressure with a massage effect on swollen, heavy, or aching legs.

These symptoms are common in people with varicose veins or chronic venous insufficiency.

How do compression socks help?

The compression exerted by these compression socks fabric is at maximum at the ankle and gradually decreases going up the affected leg.

This therapy will help defective veins to circulate blood to the heart better and prevent blood from stagnating.

When to wear compression socks?

It is advisable to put on your compression socks when you get out of bed in the morning.

They are easier to wear because the legs are less swollen.

Can you sleep in compression stockings?

It is not recommended to wear compression socks to bed at night. Sleeping in compression socks has no benefits.

The reason is simple: while lying on the bed, the blood circulates more easily. Thus, there is no pooling of blood in the lazy veins.

How long to wear compression socks after surgery?

Compression socks improve blood circulation and prevent fluid buildup after surgery. 

How long should you wear them after surgery depends on your doctor's recommendation and the type of surgery.

Do compression socks help with varicose veins?

If used daily, compression socks in 20-30 mmHg or 30-40 mmHg grades may help to treat varicose veins.

By applying moderate and graduated compression on the blue or purple veins in the calf or thigh, compression stockings help to restore better blood circulation. In other words, they help pump blood better from the legs to the heart.

For more information about what compression socks to use for your varicose veins or another venous disease, do not hesitate to seek your doctor's advice.

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