Care Instructions

Compression stockings care instructions

Putting on or removing off your compression stockings, and taking care of them properly will help prevent tears and extend their useful life.

Wearing your compression socks

To put on your compression socks or stockings correctly, follow tips below:

  1. Wear them early in the morning when you get out of bed. This is because your legs are less swollen in the morning.
  2. To put them on, use at least compression gloves. This will help you to avoid tearing your compression stockings and, more importantly, to properly distribute the graduated compression over the ankle and leg.
  3. If you lack strength in your arms, you can use a stocking aid instead of gloves.

Taking off your compression stockings

 To take off compression stockings:

  1. Remove them before going to bed.
  2. Again, use your gloves for taking them off.
  3. If you have one pair of compression socks, be sure to wash them every day. 

How to clean compression stockings?


  1. Hand wash your compression stockings with a mild soap, bleach free.
  2. Wring them out gently without pulling them too hard to remove excess water.
  3. It is recommended to always wash your socks before the next use. Not only for hygienic reasons, but it allows to always benefit from optimal compression.


  1. Dry flat your compression socks on a drying rack or a dry towel.
  2. Do not use drying machine or heat to dry them, to avoid any damage to the fabric. 

Other tips:

  • Do not iron
  • Do not overstretch